Along my career I have used several programming languages to create finite element or molecular models, process images or perform data analysis.

The main programming language that I have used in my past projects are Matlab, Python and C++. I also occasionally used other languages such as tcl, perl.

My projects are generally centered around functionality. I chose the language based on the problematic and the availability of tools and libraries to reach the highest quality solution in the defined constraints.

Here are some examples illustrating the type of projects I have develop with this languages.

2D/3D image registration with C++ library ITK

Comparison between mineral heterogeneity from a iliac creat bone sample recorded using (a) micro-radiography and (b) micro-tomography

The objective of this project was to assess if a bench micro-CT (Skyscan 1174) could give a good estimation of the heterogeneity of bone mineral density.

Microradiography is one of the gold standard methods to measure bone mineral density at the tissue level. Thin section of bone tissue with calibrated thickness are radiographed at high resolution using a monochromatic X-ray source. The density of the tissue is measure thanks to  calibrated standards.

To compare the two acquisition modalities, the mineral density of a cylindrical bone sample was first recorded using microtomography providing a three-dimensional image of the sample. A thin section was then extracted from the same sample for microradiography measurement giving a two dimensional evaluation of the mineral density of bone sample.

Finally, 2D/3D image registration was used to retrieve the two-dimension image from the micro-radiography measurement inside the three-dimension micro-tomography image to compare the two acquisition methods. The registration have been carried out using the segmentation and registration toolkit ITK implemented in an homemade C++ program.

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