Mechanical engineering, biomaterials, biotechnologies

I am a biomechanical engineer with over eight years of scientific research experience during which I explored the mechanical properties and structure of biological materials from the macro-scale down to the molecular level (nano-structure, nano-mechanics, chemistry)

I am currently seeking a position as an engineer or research scientist to contribute to the development of high-quality and innovative products.

My skills include:

  • Mechanical testing (nano-indentation, AFM, Tension, compression)
  • Image processing (ImageJ, Avizo, ITK)
  • Programming (Matlab, Python, C++)
  • Electron microscopy (TEM, SEM, FIB)
  • Micro-tomography, micro-radiography
  • Finite element modeling (Abaqus)
  • Molecular modeling and molecular dynamics (LAMMPS, Charmm, VMD)
  • Fabrication (CNC milling, 3D printing, assembly)
  • Sample preparation (embedding, staining, polishing)
  • Biological materials (bone, collagen, proteins)
  • Working on diverse teams including biologists, engineers, and clinicians

I am always open to exploring new areas of research and passionate about developing creative solutions.

Please contact me at contact@baptistedepalle.com or using the contact form to discuss your projects and to find out how we can work together.